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Comecer adopts the Model 231/2001

26 October 2012

Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 that introduces requirements on administrative liability of legal persons, companies […]

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EANM MILANO: Comecer presenterà i prodotti per la gestione degli ambienti e la validazione dei processi asettici in ambito radiofarmaceutico

9 October 2012

Warning! The content in this page is available only in the following languages: ItalianEANM – Fiera Milano City 27 – […]

VDC-505 Dose calibrator

3 August 2012

Warning! Starting July 2016 “VDC-505 Dose calibrator” is no longer available. It has been replaced with “VDC-606 – Touch Screen Dose Calibrator »“ […]

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Touch-screen innovations in isolators, shielded cells and automated machines for nuclear medicine and isolation technology

6 July 2012

Comecer adopts touch-screen technology in its isolators, shielded cells and automated machines for nuclear medicine and isolation technology. The constant […]

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Comecer acquires Brita Trade, a Specialized Company in Leaded Glass

24 May 2012

Prague (Czech Republic), 24 May 2012 – Just over a year after Fondo Italiano (Italian Investment Fund) acquired a minority […]

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Containment Systems and Aseptic Processes

4 May 2012

Containment systems Definition of “CONTAINMENT” The overview of the functions and operations carried out in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry […]

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Comecer Finalizes Acquisition of Veenstra Instruments – A New Reference Point for Nuclear Medicine

2 April 2012

Joure (Netherlands), Monday, 2 April 2012 – Comecer S.p.A. is proud to announce the acquisition of Veenstra Instruments. Comecer and […]

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