anno 2013

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EANM’13 Highlights

5 December 2013

For those of you that you were not able to visit our booths at the recent EANM in Lyon this […]

Integrated Dose Calibrator with Automatic Vial and Syringe Delivery System

27 November 2013

The new delivery system equipped with pass through dose calibrator is an automatic measurement and extraction system for vials and […]

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Comecer Revolutionary Approach to Isolation Technology in Aseptic and Containment Applications

31 October 2013

From Real Experience, Real Innovation Comecer Group is happy to announce its participation at the PharmTech 2013 Moscow. Founded in […]

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Comecer In-Booth Talks at EANM’13

18 October 2013

Technological innovation moves quickly at Comecer. Our product lines keep growing and we’re using the EANM event to showcase all […]

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Asepsi e contenimento nei processi farmaceutici

7 October 2013

Oggi più che mai parole come sterilità, procedure asettiche, continuità di classe ed altre dello stesso genere stanno prendendo sempre […]

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Isolation Technology: still a long journey to find its limits

5 August 2013

More than 30 years spent in the Isolation Technology business should be already sufficient to give reason of the leadership […]

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Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis: New Medical Device for Automatic Intravenous Infusion of Radio Drugs

16 July 2013

Designed especially for Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis in Nuclear Medicine Hospital Departments Letho is an innovative system that allows for the […]

LETHO - Automatic Compact Injector

LETHO – Automatic Compact Radiopharmaceutical Injector

16 July 2013

Warning! Starting April 2020 “LETHO – Automatic Compact Radiopharmaceutical Injector” is no longer available. See Nuclear Medicine solutions » Letho is […]

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SMARTGUARD New Environmental Radiation Monitoring System

25 June 2013

New Environmental Monitoring System for your radiopharmaceutical LAB! COMECER’s SmargGuard is a system allowing Radiation Level Monitoring of PET-Cyclotron facilities, […]

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L’isotecnia nell’evoluzione del processo produttivo di HAPI: il ruolo di Comecer.

6 June 2013

Negli ultimi 20 anni la produzione e l’applicazione dei cosiddetti Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HAPIs) ha incontrato un continuo e […]

GITS Glove Integrity Testing System

10 April 2013

Warning! Starting October 2017 the GITS Glove Integrity Testing System is no longer available. It has been repalced with Speedy […]

VPHP Integrated in Modular Sterility Testing Isolator and a new system for glove integrity testing (GITS)

26 February 2013

A real path to innovation, a step up from experience The great success obtained by Modular Sterility Testing Isolator and […]

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Comecer’s Revolutionary Approach to Isolation Technology in Aseptic and Containment Applications

11 January 2013

With the experience gained in many years of industrial and research activities, Comecer can offer both standard and tailored solutions: […]