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anno 2014

2014: a Year in Review

17 December 2014

Looking back over 2014 we realize what a busy year it was for us at Comecer, here are some key […]

comecer open day


26 November 2014

Tue 16th of  December 2014 Comecer will open the doors for the Event: NEW SOLUTIONS FOR ISOLATOR SYSTEMS If you […]

GMP laboratory certification: 3 key issues you might be underestimating

25 November 2014

GMP laboratory certification is a long, complex and expensive process. Through the years, our specialists have engaged with many laboratories […]

IBC Dose Calibrator: now with FDA approval

9 October 2014

IBC Dose Calibrator is a low-cost and user-friendly dose calibrator with medical CE mark and FDA approval. The unit is […]

Theodorico 2: Using Robotics to Reduce Operator Exposure to Radiopharmaceuticals

2 October 2014

Our most sophisticated dispensing system for radiopharmacies in cyclotron facilities, central pharmacies and academic hospitals is a technological achievement. Its […]

nessuna immagine disponibile

BBST Combo: a winning combination for your nuclear medicine laboratory

22 September 2014

This new entry in the Comecer product portfolio is a shielded isolator for synthesis and dispensing used in nuclear medicine […]

Eliza Shielded Isolator

Eliza Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator: the best just got better

18 September 2014

We have worked hard during this past year to make our ELIZA Shielded Laminar Flow Isolator even better, listening to […]

New VPHP Generator Specific for Nuclear Medicine Hot Cells

18 September 2014

In nuclear medicine, decontamination and sterilization of isolators is an important aspect in the daily practice of those who work […]

Free GMP Audit

Free Audit: Is your Laboratory GMP Compliant?

3 September 2014

Free audit requests are only available by talking direclty to our 1MP team at the events where we will be […]

Regenerative Medicine Questions

10 Frequently Asked Questions on Comecer Isolation Technology Solutions for Regenerative Medicine

14 July 2014

At the TERMIS-EU event this year, Comecer presented new Isolation Technology Solutions for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Visitors at […]

Workshop China Comecer

Isolation Technology Workshop in Shanghai

24 June 2014

On June 24th, 2014 a full-day workshop on Isolation, Sterility Testing and Environmental Monitoring took place in Shanghai, China. Comecer […]

regenerative medicine

Regenerative Medicine White Paper

21 May 2014

Sterility and Cross Contamination Challenges in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine We have just published a white paper entitled “Sterility […]

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