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season's greetings from comecer

2016: A Year in Review for the Comecer Group

21 December 2016

With another year coming to a close, all of us a Comecer Group would like to take a moment to […]

Half Suit Isolator Inside

Half Suit Isolator for the Implementation of an Aseptic Process

8 November 2016

An isolator used in the pharmaceutical industry should allow the operator to work in a fast, safe and ergonomic way. […]


New Improvements for ALCEO Solid Target Technology

23 September 2016

ALCEO 2.0 solid target processing system is an automatic equipment for the production of isotopes such as 64Cu, 89Zr, 124I […]

Radiopharmaceutical Dispensing Isolator
for Vials and Syringes

7 September 2016

Ease of use Designed with the operator in mind. The main chamber of Phaedra is equipped with tele-pliers, which allow […]

We are searching for new Isolation Technology agencies

4 August 2016

Comecer is looking for new agencies to sell its Isolation Technology products in these countries: Scandinavia (particularly Sweden and Denmark) […]

SNMMI 2016 Highlights

SNMMI 2016 – Comecer Highlights

27 June 2016

As another edition of the SNMMI event closed last week, we asked Comecer staff present at the booth what were […]

Gallium-68 Production challenges

Production challenges of Gallium-68 labeled radiopharmaceuticals

6 June 2016

Production and injection challenges of Gallium-68-labeled radiopharmaceuticals and Comecer solutions Gallium-68-based tracers are more and more often used in nuclear […]

Solid Target Performance

New research study on the simulation of solid target performance

24 May 2016

The European Journal of Medical Physics has just published a scientific article titled “GEANT4 simulation of cyclotron radioisotope production in […]


Flexibility in automated radiopharmaceutical injection systems

5 May 2016

The importance of “flexibility” in automated multi-dose radiopharmaceutical injection systems: IRIS’s proposal Today, a great variety of radiopharmaceuticals is available […]

Oncology Solutions

Oncology Compounding – Our Solutions

20 April 2016

Oncology Compounding Compounded medications are prescription-based personalized doses, in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and […]

How to Resolve Decontamination Problems in Shielded Isolators for Nuclear Medicine with the VPHP

14 April 2016

What are the purposes of decontamination in shielded isolators for Nuclear Medicine? Increasingly in Nuclear Medicine, aseptic processes for the […]

sterility testing isolators

Are you still using laminar flow hoods in your sterility testing?

4 April 2016

Technology for Sterility Testing is rapidly moving forward and laminar flow hoods are being replaced with better, specifically designed isolators. Here are just a few […]

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