DeconBox™ Decontamination system for respirator masks and other devices

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DeconBox™ Fast Decontamination of Respirator Masks and Other Devices

Clinical studies and experimental tests have widely demonstrated that automatic decontamination systems with VPHP are the best solution today to break down the contamination due to COVID-19 and similar viruses.

Comecer has a vast experience in the use of VPHP in the GMP environment and during the last months has developed a new product specifically designed for automatic device decontamination, now ready for launch.

DeconBox decontamination system for respirator masks: test results

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Fast and flexible

Up to 100 respirator masks decontaminated per DeconBox™ per cycle.

It can be used for Respirator Masks and other devices.

Efficient and thorough

VPHP systems are the best solution to break down contamination of COVID-19 and similar viruses.

The DeconBox™ decontamination procedure guarantees a LOG-6 microbial reduction.

Modular, easy to handle

Up to 4 DeconBox™ units can be connected to the same VPHP Generator.

The compact system dimensions allow it to be easily moved wherever necessary.

Compare the cost of single use Respirator Mask Approach VS the DeconBox™ Approach

Try the DeconBox™ Convenience Calculator to see how much your organization could save

masks used each day

Each mask costs

work shifts per day

Each mask is used times

With DeconBox™ you save € the 1st year
and € each successive year*

*Numbers are indicative and may vary

Ease of use in 4 easy steps

A worker uses their respirator mask during their work shift.

The worker puts their Respirator Mask in their personal DeconCase™ at the end of the work shift and leaves it inside the «dirty box» in their ward. The DeconCase can be personalized with the ward color.

A technician collects all the DeconCases and loads the DeconBox™ for decontamination.

The technician takes the sterilized respirator masks and puts them in the «clean boxes» in the wards.

DeconBox™ is a mobile VPHP decontamination box for fast decontamination of respirator masks and other devices

Main Features

Disinfectant:  H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide 30-35%

Safety Interlock: Door opening possible only for H2O2 concentration < 1 ppm

DeconCase: Personal decontamination case for each worker with an individual barcode

HMI: Onboard Siemens Panel with USB Port for data collection

VPHP Sensors: Real-time VPHP concentration monitoring in the Box and the Lab

DeconBox™ Dimensions: 750 x 1990 x 1200 mm

Generator Dimensions: 480 x 858 x 1322 mm


Complete Bibliography for N95DECON Publications, April 2020.

DeconBox™ FAQs

Up to 100 respirator masks can be decontaminated per session using a DeconBox Basic System (that includes 1 DeconBox and the associated VHP Generator). Three additional DeconBox Units can be connected to the same VHP Generator, for a maximum capacity of 400 masks per system.
The DeconBox embedded mask decontamination cycle was developed to assure the proper decontamination of various types of respirator masks (FFP2 and FFP3). Validation Documents of the embedded cycle are provided with the DeconBox unit.
The cycle was developed making sure two criteria were met: 1 - Microbial ""killing"" efficacy: in addition to the traditional Biological Indicator (BI) on the mask surface, special liquid indicators were applied on the masks, which were later checked to prove that bacteria and viruses had been removed from the masks; 2 - Hydrogen Peroxide residual: after the cycle the masks need to be ready for use. This means that the VHP residual (potentially being breath by operator) is lower than 1ppm as widely accepted by EHS regulations.
The DeconBox decontamination procedure guarantees a log-6 microbial reduction.
Tests have been carried out on two different viruses: HCoV-OC43, which belongs to the same family as SARS-CoV-2, and Coxsackie Virus B5.
No, the concentration at the end of the cycle has been tested to be lower than 1ppm, therefore within the safety boundary required by EHS regulation.
Even if masks specification are pretty much similar to each other and therefore their behaviour to VHP decontamination is similar, we recommend you verify the exact model of the mask you have in use to be among the ones tested on DeconBox. If it is different, we are able to carry out tests on your specific mask in order to check adequacy of the built-in cycle.
None of the major manufacturer of respirator masks will facilitate the adoption of VHP decontamination for re-use due to conflict of interest. Therefore feasibility is assured by validation documents which show efficacy.
Several tests have been done to verify how many cycle respirator masks can generally go through without interfering with filtering capability and ergonomics of the mask itself. As a precaution, we recommend a maximum of 7 cycles per mask. We are currently also collecting specific data sets for each kind of mask.
As shown in the User Manual, the respirator mask should not be folded inside the DeconCase, but placed wide open for better VHP distribution all over their surface.
No, we recommend each individual has a personal DeconCase assigned.
No, DeconCase is designed for only one mask.
Yes, you can.
In theory, yes. Whatever is VHP compatible can be decontaminated using DeconBox. In practice, we recommend using DeconBox for the decontamination of respirator masks that have been tested (a full list of the mask types is available). If you would like to decontaminate other devices, we can plan a specific test campaign.
No, the VHP Generator included in the DeconBox Basic System can only be used with DeconBox.
No, with the exception of Hydrogen Peroxide bottles to run the cycles.
You can purchase the VHP bottles directly. The only requirement is to have a 30-35% concentration.
The transfer is manual and it is recommended to be carried out under a hood or wearing PPE. Hydrogen Peroxide at high concentration (30-35%) is extremely corrosive as well as its vapor, therefore it is always recommended to protect eyes and mouth during open bottle transfers. More information can also be found on the SDS of Hydrogen Peroxide.
Absolutely yes. DeconBox and its associated VHP Generator can be moved manually using the wheels mounted on the bottom of the systems. The general dimensions of the systems allow them to easily pass through normal door openings.
Only electricity, no compressed air or other connections are needed.
DeconBox includes a large capacity catalyzer, therefore there is no need for an external connection. In fact, the air will be taken from the room and sent back in the same room after catalization.
Of course, yes. The system includes 3 VHP sensors: 1 low concentration sensor and 1 high concentration sensor inside DeconBox and 1 high concentration sensor for the Lab.
DeconCase is the personal case for respirator masks that is used to identify clearly the owner of the mask. The label on top of the case includes the name of owner, personal ID and barcode. DeconCase is available in four different colours (blue, orange, green, red) for a better ward/floor/work shift identification. It is an option, not included in the DeconBox Basic System.
DeconTrack is the management software with barcode identification system. The DeconTrack package includes: DeconTrack Licence, Barcode Reader, Barcode Label Printer, dedicated PC with Software, Start Up & Training. The main features of the system are these: DeconCase ID Track (for each Deconcase ID it is able to track the Decon story); VPHP Cycle Track (for each VPHP Cycle it is able to track the IDs of the DeconCases within DeconBox). It is an option, not inclueded in the DeconBox Basic System.
45 days.
Of course, yes. If you have the chance to give us the following parameters of your Hospital/Company we can easily make the calculation: number of respirator masks used/day, cost of the single respirator mask, avarage number of work shifts.

If you have additional questions about
DeconBox™: Decontamination system for respirator masks and other devices

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