DIR-101 - Radiological Instrument Calibration System Radiological Instrument Calibration System

DIR-101 (originally for: Dosimeter Irradiator) is designed for accurate, controlled and safe Irradiation and Calibration. The proven system concept is based on standard components to guarantee full serviceability

Dir-101 - Sistema di calibrazione per strumenti radiologici

Irradiator unit

The steel framed DIR-101 irradiator unit contains a lead shielding that is built around a special source holder carrousel that can hold up to 11 sources,  all different in both shape and sort of isotope. The actual number of sources will be configured customer specific. To ensure maximum safety, the radioactive source capsules are double sealed and contained in a special manufactured stainless steel holder.

Rail positioning system

A standardized precision rail system with a moveable object-table can be mounted in front of the irradiator unit for easy, accurate and reproducible calibration. Depending on the specification of the customer movement and positioning can be in up to 4 dimensions (X, Y, Z, and Rotation).  All three axes are servomotor driven with an accuracy of better than 0.5 mm/m and a reproducibility of ± 0.1 mm.

System control software

The Irradiator Unit is supplied with an advanced Windows based software program called CalCon for a completely integrated control of both the rail system and the DIR-101. CalCon is installed on the (optional) system PC and has to be located in a separate control room and connected with the irradiator via a RS-232 interface. Calcon offers a quick and robust SQL database system to manage data like dose rates to the distances, decay correction of all sources, parameters of the fitting equations and the types of appliance etc.

Safety System

The most important element of the DIR-101 is safety. The system is designed to detect and anticipate on (potential) dangerous situations to avoid serious accidents.

Video System

Optional a video camera with stand can be connected to the object table, to obtain a safe read-out while the object is within the radiation beam. Depending on the DUT the Calcon software will also offer an automatic read-out functionality. A monitor for this closed video system can be placed in the control room with a control unit for moving the camera including focus, pan, tilt and zoom.

Source Loading

To load the sources, the transport container is placed on a loading table (with adjustable height) next to the irradiator unit. With a special robot arm equipped with a pneumatic gripper, the source is picked up out of the container and placed into the carrousel.  The robot arm is controlled from the controller room using the video system with an additional camera.

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