Dispensing and Weighing Isolator Aislador para operaciones de dispensación y peso

El aislador fue diseñado para permitir las actividades de dispensación de sustancias micronizadas altamente potentes (progesterona OEL 0,01 mg/m3).
El aislador compacto está constituido principalmente de dos cámaras:

  • Cámara previa: para dejar entrar el material
  • Cámara principal: donde se realizan las actividades de dispensación


  • Fully PLC controlled
  • Software GAMP 5 compliant
  • Friendly operator interface
  • Sliding Tray
  • Pass through door for communication with adjoining chamber
  • 190 mm glove flanges with gloves
  • 270 mm glove flanges with gloves
  • Continuous film port Diam. 380 mm
  • rH+T sensor for temperature and humidity internal monitoring
  • Magnahelic Manometers for the internal pressure control
  • Inverter for ventilation fan speed control
  • Automatic valves for air flow interception
  • Jumo Manometers to monitor inlet and outlet filters obstruction

Both the chambers are equipped with an inlet single stage filtration placed inside the box, an outlet first stage filtration also inside and the second one outside. The isolator is also equipped with a special CIP system consisting in spray balls, spray guns and a solvent mixing system. Moreover a Drying In Place has been supplied on board with independent heaters, humidity and temperature probe inside each chamber.

One 380mm diameter continuous liner port has been placed on the side of each chamber to easy exit large drum where the product is stored while only in the main chamber there is an integrated Hycoflex® system to take out the dispensed product.

A paperless recorder Eurotherm was also integrated to record all the critical process data like temperature, humidity, chamber pressure.

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