Safety First

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The company growth within so complex and delicate limits like those of radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, isolation technology and decommissioning is a stimulating experience that requires considerable responsibility and maturity based on professional ethics that never forget to put the most important factor before budgets and profits i.e. the safety of people.

Safety first is the philosophy that distinguishes and identifies all Comecer’s policies and actions which, as regards “safety”, always exceed any obligations and guidelines set out in current regulations. The company’s attention is also focused on the development of absolutely safe materials and technologies for those operators and technicians who use them, thereby increasing the safety of users and patients.

At the same time, the environment is also a priority for a company which completely shares the concept of sustainable growth. Thinking about quality, safety and environment means responding to a fundamental ethical criterion that places human beings at the centre of problems and of any search for solutions.

Eco Sustainability in the new premises

Electric Energy Savings

  1. Photovoltaic power station with a capacity of 198,45 kw/h
  2. Lighting by lamps with low impact on the environment
  3. Ambient light sensors for the automatic regulation of  lighting on the basis of the natural light

Thermal Energy Savings

  1. Solar thermal power plant
  2. Geothermal power station
  3. Heat recuperators installed in the foundry for a capacity of 150kw/h
  4. Floor heating for large environments
  5. Automatic management of the heating system by means of sensors for the detection of the temperature

Eco Sustainability of the Premises

  1. Total thermal isolation
  2. Separate and controlled temporary waste deposit

Furthermore, Comecer has started, together with TÜV Italy, the procedure for the environmental certification with reference to the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.