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How to get the right dose of the right radiopharmaceutical at the right time to the right patient



Luuk Naarding, IBC Product Owner

If you operate in a hospital nuclear medicine department, or work in a cyclotron or other radiopharmaceutical production facility, you will know these are the things you need to GET RIGHT every day.

You also know that Comecer has a long experience in nuclear medicine, so we thought you would appreciate a webinar on this topic.

We have asked Luuk Naarding, the IBC product owner from our Netherlands subsidiary, to prepare a webinar to present:

  1. The importance of a software management system for a Nuclear Medicine department
  2. How the IBC workflow management software works – with a PRODUCT DEMO
  3. What results it provides, what issues it avoids, and what assurances it offers

You will get the facts, the demo, and a chance to ask your questions.

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Recorded on May 25, 2021

30 minutes

Luuk Narding, IBC Product Owner

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