Comecer Group


Comecer was founded in Castel Bolognese (Province of Ravenna) in the mid 1970’s by Carlo Zanelli, the current President. At present, the Group is led by CEO Alessia Zanelli and employs 280 people.

With two production sites at Castel Bolognese (Italy) and Joure (Holland), locations at Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), Miami (USA), Mumbai (India) and Beijing (China), Comecer markets its products in over 100 countries worldwide through a direct sales network and through partnerships with some of the largest producers of nuclear medicine equipment.

From March 2011, Fondo Italiano d’Investimento (Italian Investment Fund), a private equity vehicle founded upon an initiative of the Italian Ministry of Finance, has participated in the Comecer Group with a minority share.

Other companies in the Comecer Group include Netherlands based Comecer Netherlands and VitraeCzech in the Czech Republic.