ILK-202 Shielded Pass-through

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ILK-202 - Shielded Pass Through Box

This is a double stainless steel shielded pass-through for the delivery of isotopes by the suppliers. The pass-through needs to be Built-into an outside wall of the laboratory or hospital. The safe is accessible on both sides by a door.

The doors are shielded with lead and can be locked. The doors open to the right. The safe consists of two compartments. The upper compartment is big enough to store two generator boxes. For easy transportation of the packages a special rolling mechanism is integrated in the bottom of the upper compartment.

The lower compartment can be used, for example, for the storage of a mobile Krypton generator. The safe will be mounted on a metal supporting frame. If the door needs to open towards the other side, please indicate this when ordering.

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ILK-202: Shielded Pass-through

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Shielded Pass Through Box

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