Welding Qualification

The stainless steel welding is the more relevant production process for Comecer.
This process and the use of higt quality materials like stainless steel AISI 316L with mirror-brite finish grade, allow Comecer to qualify its products in the top standard of its area.
All the box used for containment are welded with TIG method (Tungsten Inert Gas).
The welding are made from operators that follow processes certified from the notify institution RINA, in compliance with the following norms:

EN ISO 15614-1
(PQR) Procedure Qualification Record

EN ISO 15609-1
(WPS) Welding Procedure Specification

EN 287-1
(WPQ) Welder Performance Qualification

All the welding qualifications are also in agreement with the section IX of ASME Code.

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