METHYLATOR System for the production of Methyl Iodide or Methyl Triflate

The Methylator is used for the production of Methyl Iodide (MeI) or Methyl Triflate (MeOTf) starting with CO2 or Methane (CH4) using the gas phase method. The end product is to be further processed in other synthesizers. Optionally, when starting with CO2 the Methanizer can be used to trap Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for further use in Grignard reactions.

Used in Radiopharma Production For R&D Radiochemistry and Radiopharma Synthesis


  • Production of MeI and MeOTf with gas phase method
  • Process optimized for single pass production
  • Many runs with one filling of Iodine and Ascarite II (at least 40)
  • Capable to supply the product to a multiple of other further processing modules
  • Consistency in the yield of the product
  • At least 45% yield decay corrected
  • Possibility to change the process for optimization
  • Capable of starting the process with both Carbon Dioxide or Methane
  • Process monitoring with spectrophotometer, pindiodes, thermocouples, manometers and flow controllers
  • Logging of the process steps
  • Logging of the relevant raw data
  • View a report of a performed synthesis

Used in a Molecular Imaging environment, radioactive starting material, in the form of [11C]Carbon can be used as input, resulting in a radioactive Synthon ready to be incorporated in a radioactive tracer. The module can be used in a routinely and/or experimental environment.

Using radioactive carbon the process is aided by radio detectors to control the process. Furthermore, the amount of Iodine in gas flow can be controlled by the spectrophotometer.

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