Dispensing and Weighing Isolator

30 March 2018

The isolator was designed to permit the dispensing and weighing activities of micronized highly potent substances (progesterone OEL 0,01 mg/m3 […]

HAPI Isolators for transfer and dispensing

Isolators for safe HAPI transfer and dispensing

30 March 2018

TRANSFER ISOLATOR The isolator consists of a main chamber and an additional MAL (Material Air Lock) Chamber. The isolator is […]

Filling Isolator – Isolator for bottles filling machine

30 March 2018

The purpose of this isolator is to provide the operator with the highest protection during handling operations, guaranteeing full intermal […]

Isolator for Compact Mixer-Granulator-Dryer

30 March 2018

Glovebox chamber with negative pressure with respect to the laboratory environment Fully PLC controlled (single PLC for isolator & mixer-granulator-dryer) […]

R&D Isolator – Six Stage Research and Development Isolator

30 March 2018

This isolator, ideal for research and development,  is designed to provide the maximum protection for the operator during the manipulation […]

MDWI Modular Dispensing and Weighing Isolator

21 February 2012

The New Modular Approach to Highly Toxic Compound Processing MD&WI is a Modular Isolator System conceived for pharmaceutical companies who […]

ATEX Isolator – Isolator with ATEX compliant chamber for dispensing procedure

31 May 2011

The ATEX isolator is designed to carry out weighing and powder transfer procedures (API) in complete safety. The ATEX isolator […]

Isolator for Deduster & Metal Check

30 April 2008

Main features Negative pressure with respect to the laboratory environment Turbulent air flow Bag-in/bag-out filters replacing method Fully PLC controlled […]

Isolator for Dispensing & Milling

3 April 2008

The isolator is composed of two glove box  chambers. The first is a prechamber for material inlet while the second […]

Isolator for cytotoxic manipulation

3 April 2008

This isolator provides a cleanroom glovebox environment to prepare, handle and process cytotoxic/static products. EC-GMP: class A ISO 14644-1: class […]

Isolator for washing procedures

3 April 2008

This isolator permits the “manual” cleaning of machine parts ensuring complete isolation of the internal environment. All washing operations are […]


Mini Plant Isolator

3 April 2008

The Mini Plant Isolator is an isolator designed to provide the maximum protection for the operator during  operations and  to […]

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