MIP LAF SERIES – Laminar Flow Shielded Cell for Research Activities

30 March 2018

The series of MIP-LAF hot cells is specially designed to house various dispensing system and radiochemistry modules. The MIP-LAF shielded […]

IBC Dose Calibrator

IBC – Dose Calibrator

30 March 2018

The IBC DOSE CALIBRATOR is a completely digital dose calibrator with a reading software. The ionisation chamber can be connected […]

VDC-603 Dose Calibrator

30 March 2018

The VDC-603 read-out is the plug & play basic model in the Dose Calibrator family. Like all VDC models it […]

PHAEDRA-COMBO Synthesis and dispensing hot cell

PHAEDRA COMBO Series – Synthesis and Dispensing Shielded Isolator

15 January 2018

Phaedra Combo series is a family of shielded isolators specifically designed to combine, in a single system, a shielded housing […]

Argo-T Dispensing System for vials

ARGO-T (Transseptal) Closed Vial Dispensing System

8 June 2017

ARGO-T (TRANSSEPTAL) is a new and automatic closed vial dispensing system able to fill a vial through rubber stopper piercing. […]

IRIS Automated Injection System

IRIS Radiopharmaceutical Multidose Injector

10 October 2015

IRIS is a radiopharmaceutical multidose injector that performs calibrated injections to patients, starting from a multi-dose solution of FDG or other radiopharmaceuticals. The […]

VDC606 Dosecalibrator

Touch Screen Dose Calibrator | VDC-606

25 September 2015

This state-of-the-art touch screen dose calibrator combines the best of both worlds: it has the extended functionality of a software-based […]

BH Series – Biohazard Class A Hood

25 March 2014

The BH SERIES microbiological safety hood, also known as laminar flow workbench, has been designed to work specifically with radioisotopes. […]

BBST COMBO Series – Synthesis and Dispensing Hot Cell

24 March 2014

The BBST COMBO HOT CELL is a synthesis and dispensing hot cell specially designed to combine in one system a […]

Argo Dispensing System for Vials

ARGO Vial Dispensing System

1 October 2013

ARGO is an automatic vial dispensing system. The equipment has been designed and produced to dispense radiotracers used in PET […]

Febo Dispensing System

FEBO SERIES Syringe Dispensing System

1 October 2013

FEBO SERIES Syringe Dispensing System are designed for safe and accurate fractionation of radiopharmaceuticals in syringes. The FEBO series was […]

MUSA Series – Shielded Isolator with Laminar Flow for Nuclear Medicine

7 February 2013

MUSA is a shielded isolator with laminar flow for manipulation and calibration of beta/gamma-emitting radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with Good radiopharmacy […]

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