Aseptische voedselverwerking

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Integration of automatic machines as well as specific processes requiring the highest standard of effective and reliable asepsis within the food industry.

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Increasingly the food and beverage industry is getting closer to asepsis requirements in the final packaging stage of high-value products. The growing demand in this industry for “organic” products is driving the need for strictly controlled atmospheres in which these products are formulated and filled, to prevent unexpected growth of bacteria that would put at risk the consumer perception of product quality. Isolation technology can also be used during R&D and quality control phases.


Applying isolation technology to such different processes requires deep innovation. Our approach, supported by full customization capabilities, can give precise directions on the technological solutions as well as the procedures to be implemented.


Fermentation, separation, mixing and filling will require integration of the specific equipment or filling machine. Batch size and process flow will define the best configuration in order to assure asepsis throughout the manufacturing, therefore staging of the process in different chambers, in and out material flow, and ergonomics will be defined in close cooperation with the end user.