CLIO Volumetric Dispensing System for Radiopharmaceuticals

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CLIO is a standalone automatic volumetric dispensing system compliant with cGMP guidelines for radiopharmaceuticals.

The main purpose is to dispense FDG like radiotracer, but can be used, upon technical evaluation, for different tracer isotope or molecules.

Gebruikt in Radiofarmaceutische productie Voor Vulling Afgifte Doseringskalibratie

Product Highlights

  • dispensing in open vials
  • transseptal dispensing in closed vials
  • dispensing in syringes
  • accurate dispensed monodose
  • automatic vials open/close system
  • pre-assembled, compact, easy-to-install consumables kit
  • bubble point test connection
  • easy handling
  • cGMP compliant.

CLIO is designed to dispense both vials (open or closed) and syringes. It can receive radiopharmaceuticals from:

  • a multi-dose vial
  • the synthesis module

Thanks to its “rocket” shape, the laminar flow action is fully guaranteed so the dispensing can be performed in open vial or through the rubber cap (transseptal).

The pre-assembled and sterile consumable kit is compact and easy to handle. The same kit is used for the dispensing of both vials or syringes.

Many sensors and diagnostic tools supervise the operation cycle (i.e. consumable kit installation, vial cap presence, vial crimping check).

CLIO can be easily installed in laminar flow hot cells equipped with a dose calibrator.
Due to its compact dimensions and low weight it is easy to handle and move in and out of the hot cell.

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