FHR SSC Hood with Laminar Flow

Laminar flow hood for preparation of non radioactive materials in aseptic conditions. It guarantees the protection for the materials and the product whilst maintaining sterility.

Hood classification (in compliance with GMP rules annex 1 – class A): Containment hood for the preparation and manipulation of materials which must be carried out in asepsis, therefore in class A environment with laminar flow.

The hood has a frontal opening allowing the inlet of air, characterised by a laminar vertical flow on the work bench. The inlet air is filtered via a HEPA filter. When the hood is switched on, the air inside the room is extracted via the grille placed at the base of the frontal opening and passes under the work bench. After passing through the HEPA filter it enters from the top of the work chamber with a vertical flow at parallel running, with constant speed from 0.36 to 0.54 m/sec (guide value GMP – Annex1) in the working area. The air quality of the hood FHR SSC has prerequisites to be classified in Class A. The hood can be used for the introduction of the materials in the pharmaceutical production lines and for the management of the reagents of the synthesis modules in radiochemistry. The quantity of the particles in the air corresponds to the requirements for the class ISO5 (EN 14644-1), class A (GMP- Annex1) and for the critical zones: ≤3520 particles/m3 with ø ≥0.5 µm.

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