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Isolation Technology: still a long journey to find its limits

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More than 30 years spent in the Isolation Technology business should be already sufficient to give reason of the leadership in the market. However the passion for innovation at Comecer has always driven the whole team to the continuous challenges given by our customers.

We have never given up to accomplish new application evaluation in Isolation Technology and this is what has made of Comecer the largest and most important supplier of Isolation Technology solutions, not only in the pharma industry but also in the nuclear medicine, food and biotech industries. It is true infact that the fields of application of this technology are still thousands and only a small part has been already explored.

Isolaton Technology of Comecer

During the last few years there has been a high demand of process integration within the isolation technology for both containment and aseptic demand.

The first, driven by the necessity to protect the operators handling always more toxic compound, has started from the most common application within the API processing like weighing, dispensing, reactor charging, fractioning, etc.. to full synthesis and formulation line, isolator integrated compounding plant and others.

For the second i.e. aseptic processing, the history has been more or less the same, the target here was and currently is the protection of product sterility during the different phases of manufacturing, so in the far 90s the first RABS was built around a filling line and from that time up to nowadays the usage of RABS and isolator has been dramatically growing both joined with automatic filling lines (vials, syringes, ampoules, cartridges) and in “stand alone” application like the well-known Sterility Testing Isolator or other manual formulation processes, and accessories like transfer hatches, material and personnel airlock, etc.

For which concern the biotech industry, Comecer has already afforded the first real integration of a complex biotech process with isolation technology: results will be shown soon since it will represent a shocking innovation point with widest range of application.

In all these different applications Comecer has always been achieving the highest grade of performances and customization and this is why it continues to be chosen by customers all over the world.+


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