E-LABEL Automatic vial labelling system

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  • No more labels to be attached on the vial before dispensing
  • Prints and automatically applies label immediately after calibration and before vial discharge
  • Compatible with different sizes of vials
  • Supports different types of labels and color
  • Can be used stand alone or integrated in dispensing systems with drawing system
  • Integrated camera proves the correct application of the label
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Features and benefits

  • Design that simply fits the integration inside Comecer dispensing hot cells or as a standalone equipment;
  • Possibility to have, printed on the label, the effective value of activity dispensed inside vials and the exact time of calibration;
  • No possibility to fill the wrong vial when using manual or semiautomatic dispensing system, since all the data are printed after the dispensing process;
  • No additional costs to include a barcode reading system inside the hotcell;
  • Labelling inside a class C environment;
  • Easy cassette replacement system that simplifies preparation operations and reduces the setup time;
  • Label cassette with large capacity (50 ÷ 65, depending on label length), usable for different production batches;
  • Automatic system for the recovery of labels scrap after application on vials;
  • Possibility to apply labels over several sizes of vial


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