WDL SERIES Shielded WC for disposal of organic radioactive waste

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The system allows the collection and the decay of radioactive liquid and organic waste produced in nuclear medicine by the use of Technetium for diagnostic purposes.

Gebruikt in Nucleaire geneeskunde Voor Accessoires Inrichtingen
WDL Shielded WC for disposal of organic radioactive waste


  • Two collection tanks
  • Shredder for solid waste
  • Timer for decaying time evaluation
  • Active charcoal filter

It consists of a shielded WC equipped with a shredder, which sends the sewage to a collection tank in plastic reinforced by fiberglass. When this tank is full the sewage is deviated to the second tank. A timer is present which evaluates the decaying time of the sewage.

Measurement begins when the basin reaches the maximum level. It can be emptied using a key selector.

When the second tank is full, the sewage is then deviated back to the first tank if it has been emptied.

The cycle repeats in turn. The system also allows the sewage to be sampled via ball valves located on the front of the structure.

The vapors that are produced inside the tanks are eliminated via an active coal filter.

Technical data

System of clean water discharge By a push button
Material external structure Acciaio INOX 304-Scotch Brite
WC material Porcelain
Tank material Plastic reinforced by fiberglass
Number of tank 2
Tank shielding (Pb) mm 3


Overall dimensions mm  690 x 1050 x 1750 (w x d x h)
Tanks dimensions l 150 each
Weight with empty tanks kg 240
Weight with full tanks kg 540


Overall dimensions mm 690 x 1450 x 1750 (w x d x h)
Tanks dimensions l 300 each
Weight with empty tanks kg 280
Weight with full tanks kg 880



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