PHARMODUCT Automatic Compounding System

Used in Pharma Hospital Pharmacy  ·  For Chemotherapy Compounding
HOSPITAL-PHARMACY_Pharmoduct - Automatic Sterile Compounding System

A batch approach for patient specific oncology drugs

Pharmoduct is an automated and patented device for the sterile preparation of personalised oncology drugs, including chemotherapy and biologicals.

Pharmoduct is able to reconstitute, transfer and dilute oncology drugs in order to prepare final doses (patient specific) and multi-dose bags (pharmacy bulk package). The system can manage more than 300 different drugs.

The introduction of Pharmoduct in the Compounding Lab will improve the whole oncology drugs preparation workflow.


Oncology drugs compounding: can an automated batch approach help?

Hospital Pharmacy – Compounding
Hospital Pharmacy – Compounding

Main features

  • Patented Class I Medical Device
  • Liquid and powder drug management
  • Final bags and multi – dose bags preparation


  • Syringes – 35/h
  • IV bags – 25/h
  • Elastomeric pumps – 20/h


  • Dose accuracy – ± 5%

Main components

1 Automatic ozone cleaning system
2 Negative pressure LAF with ULPA-U15 filters
3 15” touch screen monitor
4 Thermal transfer printer for personalized labels
5 Barcode identification system for diluent kit
6 RFID identification system with integrated scale for consumable kits
7 Upper rotating assembly for drug vials
8 Label identification system for vials
9 Gravimetric scale for multidose bag
10 Peristaltic pumps for liquid transfer
11 Lower rotating assembly for final containers
12 Segregated waste area with bag heat sealing

Final containers (all brands)

  • Syringes – up to 60 ml
  • IV bags – up to 1000 ml
  • Elastomeric pumps/infusors – up to 300 ml
  • Bottles – up to 500 ml
  • Other containers (with LL connection)

Multi-dose bags

  • Multi-dose bags – up to 2000 ml

Drug source

  • Vials (ISO 13/ISO 20)– up to 100 ml
  • Multidose bags (filled by Pharmoduct or available on the market) – up to 2000 ml


Patient safety

Patient safety

  • Maximum sterility
  • Top class decontamination with ozone
Operator protection

Operator protection

  • High containment technology
  • No direct operator manipulations
Full traceability

Full traceability

  • Optical label identification of the drug vials
  • Barcode & RFID identification of the final containers and kits
High performance

High performance

  • Up to 35 preparations/h
  • Liquid and powder drugs managed
Top accuracy

Top accuracy

  • Accurate gravimetric dosage system
  • Less than 5% global error
Total flexibility

Total flexibility

  • More than 300 drugs managed
  • Ready doses in all possible final containers
Significant savings

Significant savings

  • Zero drug residuals
  • Cost reduction
Easy installation

Easy installation

  • Plug & play
  • No structural intervention in the Compounding Lab
PHARMODUCT is a medical device
BIODUCT s.r.l is the Legal Manufacturer of Pharmoduct


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PHARMODUCT: Automatic Compounding System

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