PHARMODUCT Automatic compounding system

Pharmoduct* is an innovative robotic system for antiblastic drugs compounding, that increases the efficiency of the oncology process.

Pharmoduct guides pharmacists, step-by-step, on the methods, quantity and production times through an enhanced and controlled process that leverages a smart automation.


Main features

  • Dosage accuracy > 95%
  • Label recognition system
  • ISO Class 5 EN ISO 14644
  • Negative pressure LAF with ULPA U15 filter. Additional INLET/OUTLET filtration with HEPA H14
  • Ozone(03) decontamination system SAL 10-4
  • Automatic system for the disposal of waste outside the preparation chamber
  • RFID components identification
  • Preparation according to digital working list in anonymous containers
  • Final label RFID printed before release
  • Heat sealing system for the waste container.

In chemotherapy workflow, Pharmoduct introduces more efficiency by simplifying the antineoplastic compounding process and reducing clinical risks for patients, while increasing safety for operators. Pharmoduct drives cost reduction by optimizing the drug use.

Main components

  1. Rotating platforms for active principles
  2. Picking & perforating the bottle with active principle
  3. Diluent
  4. Multi-dose bag
  5. Peristaltic pumps can connect active principle with intermediate bag, diluent with final dispenser or any other combination
  6. The final dispensers are loaded in the inferior platform; any kind of dispensing device is allowed.


  • Working principle: the system allows the creation of an intermediate bag (Multi-dose bag) using several source bottles
  • The only medical device on the market for oncology compounding  that guarantees the total sterility of the preparation chamber
  • Barcode and RFID traceability systems, with the unequivocal association of the preparation to the patient
  • Optical label recognition system for inspection and identification of bottles and an integrated printer allow lot number and expiration date to be associated with the patient’s preparation
  • Over 320 packagings of different drugs, both in liquid form and in powder form
  • Stand-alone PLUG & PLAY device with integrated touchscreen LCD monitor & thermal transfer printer
  • Flexible integration with systems already in use, either through standard protocols such as HL7 and Web services, or through ad hoc integration schemes.

*Bioduct powered by Comecer

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