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Калибраторы дозы

Comecer is one of the leading manufacturers of dose calibrators for use within Nuclear Medicine & PET departments. Dose calibrators are also known to be called: Radioisotope Calibrators, Radionuclide Calibrator, Curie Meter, Activity meter.


Based on over 25 years of experience combined with state of the art technology of Veenstra Instruments, nowadays Comecer offers a wide variety of models to support each sort of requirement: from straight forward dose measurements to an unmatched complete Hotlab Management System.

Veenstra Instruments has been specializing in radiation related safety, control & measurement. In addition to this specific know-how Veenstra also provided software design, mechanics and electronics, resulting in a wide range of unique products for nuclear medicine, radiochemistry, radio pharmacy and calibration laboratories.
Since  April 2012 Veenstra Intruments  has become part of  ComecerGroup.
On April 2014 the company name Veenstra Instruments changes to COMECER Netherlands.

Ionization Chamber

The measuring heart of each model dose calibrator is the VIK-202 ionization-chamber: a fully digital detector that gives a fast and reliable read-out. The 100% digital output enables flexible integration of this detector in other instruments or facilities, without the need of a converter or separate read-out unit — measurement range up to 2 Ci of F18

Optional: Ionization chamber VIK-203 is available for a measurement range up to 20 Ci of F18


As Comecer manufactures their ionisation-chambers completely in-house, special sizes or measurement characteristics can be offered. Over the years many of these specials have become standardized products for Isotope production facilities and Radiochemistry departments

VDC-606 - Touch Screen Dose Calibrator


Калибратор дозатора с сенсорным экраном

IBC - Dose Calibrator


Калибратор дозы