СЕРИЯ BBS — Экранированный контейнер для модулей синтеза

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The series of shielded cells  for synthesis modules model BBS, has been specially designed to host specific automatic synthesis modules for the production of radiopharmaceuticals for experimental use or daily production in cGMP radiopharmacy.

The BBS cell, single or double (lined horizontally or vertically), triple and also quadruple, can have different configurations for the overall dimensions, shielding and various accessories.

Используется в Циклотрон Для Научно-исследовательские работы по радиохимии и радиофармакологии Синтез

The series is presented as a family of configurable machines, according to various parameters, such as:

  • the number of chamber
  • the thickness of the shield
  • doors with or without lead glass
  • the presence of lower or side technical compartments designed to hold accessory components
  • the power supply dedicated to the geographical area of installation
  • the possibility to accommodate different types of synthesis modules.

Features and Benefits

  • Shielded chambers under constant negative pressure
  • Air inlet filtration system made with HEPA absolute filtering cartridge with 99.995% efficiency
  • Air outlet filtration system made with active carbon filtering cartridge
  • Set-up for connection to contaminated Air Compressing Station (ACS)
  • Set-up for automatic leak test
  • Protected power supply sockets controlled from the operator panel
  • Removable tray for synthesis module
  • Set-up for the Geiger probes for measurement of the radioactivity present inside the cell.


  • Modular design and flexible configuration
  • Available in Pb 75 or 100 mm shielding
  • Shielded and hinged front door
  • Air quality in the work chamber complies with Class B “At rest” (EEC-cGMP)
  • 7” touch-screen operator panel to check and trace the critical parameters of the machine both in “at rest” or “in operation” mode.

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