anno 2008

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Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH wins Facility of the Year Award

3 Декабрь 2008

The Facility of the Year Awards are an annual program that recognizes state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing projects utilizing new and innovative […]

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Comecer unveils its plan for new premises

24 Июнь 2008

Comecer, will be relocated to larger premises in response to business growth. Carlo Zanelli comments: “We are delighted to move […]

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Dose Calibrators model Talete

16 Апрель 2008

Automatic Injector for PET Imaging model Elfo

10 Апрель 2008

Warning! Starting October 2010 the Automatic Injector for PET Imaging model Elfo is no longer available. It has been repalced […]

Leonardo — Hand Feet Clothes Monitor

3 Апрель 2008

Warning! This product is no longer available. Click here for the new product » Leonardo hand-feet-clothes monitor is an instrument […]