ARGO-T (Transseptal) Closed Vial Dispensing System

ARGO-T (TRANSSEPTAL) is a new and automatic closed vial dispensing system able to fill a vial through rubber stopper piercing.

The equipment is designed to dispense radiotracers used in PET and SPECT diagnosis and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Используется в Циклотрон Для Закраска Калибровка доз Разлив сырья
ARGO-T Closed Vial Dispensing System


  • Dispensing in closed vials
  • Complete filling cycle in 30 seconds
  • Precision in the dispensed volume
  • GMP compliant
  • Disposable sterile KIT

ARGO-T is a system that complies with the cGMP guidelines for filling closed vials.

This new device is part of the ARGO dispenser family with the unique feature to allow automatic perforation with a needle.

Flexible holder support guarantee the possibility to easy adapt the dispenser with different vial format. It is usually integrated in Class A shielded isolators equipped with manipulators, thus ensuring the utmost in ergonomics and convenience in total compliance with the cGMP guidelines.

 Main technical features

  • Controlled volume dispensing by means of an integrated pumping syringe in the disposable kit
  • Specific designed needle for piecing and filling together with integrated vent  needle provided with 0.22 sterile filtration
  • Compact dimensions and low weight for easy moving and positioning in the work area
  • Accurate volume dispensing within 5% for volumes on 1ml and up
  • Label printer
  • Barcode reader
  • Calculation of the concentration and formulation of the initial volume of radiopharmaceuticals with the formulation unit
  • Sterilising filter and bubble point test in-line.

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