ALTHEA PC Automatic Fractionator with Prechamber for Syringes

ALTHEA PC is a hot cell including an automatic system for filling and calibration of syringes with radiopharmaceuticals (usually FDG). The machine can be directly connected to synthesis modules (internal production), or it can draw the doses from a mother vial placed inside a shielded container (external production).

Используется в Циклотрон Применяемая радиоизотопная медицина Для Закраска Калибровка доз Разлив сырья


  • Modular design and flexible configuration
  • Touch screen for hot cell and dispensing system
  • Airtight conntections for radioactive fluids
  • DOP test connections (filter leakage test)
  • Internal pressure automatic adjustment by modulating valves
  • Dose calibrator (available in the versions 2 Ci or 20 Ci) with touch screen console
  • Product extraction system (Drawing System)
  • Conceived for radiopharmaceutical dose preparation
  • Particle counter connection
  • Air-lock for material introduction

The use of ALTHEA PC considerably reduces the number of doses an operator is exposed to, and at the same time, provides additional advantages for better work organisation. These advantages include: history of the fractioned activity and printing of labels showing the patient identification data, as well as the activity of the radiopharmaceutical in the syringe at a certain time.

It is possible to fill and calibrate the syringes with the required volume and activity, because it is possible to dilute the radiopharmaceutical with physiological solution whenever the volume is not sufficient for the required dose volume. The result is the calibrated syringe, containing an adequate volume, with the selected activity, sealed with a pierceable plug, appropriately shielded and placed automatically inside a shielded transport container.

The machine is provided with a basic configuration pre-set for filling 5 ml syringes. However, 10 ml syringes and LETHO cartridges can also be used.
This request, however, involves mechanical modifications to be made on the machine.

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