CLEANING KIT Disinfection Kit for a safe and effective surface cleaning and disinfection

The disinfection of classified work environments and of service hoods/isolators represents the fundamental instrument to achieve and maintain characteristic microbiological parameters of the work category. The choice of products must take into consideration the required level of cleanliness, the materials present in the rooms to which must undergo disinfection, the action spectrum of the product, the correlated toxicity and the presence of eventual residue after the application.

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Checking the efficacy of a disinfectant, analytical tests required by the regulations in force, choice of products for cleaning the classified areas, potential risks to which the patients and the structures to which they refer are exposed… it is necessary to rely on field experts for convenient and efficient solutions.

The 1MP company has selected and tested the most highly indicated products for disinfection of critical environments such as isolators, synthesis chambers, aseptic dispensation systems and laminar flow hoods.

Klercide-CR Biocide A: broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide action biocide; it is made of  a mix of quaternary ammonium salts and biguanides. Advised for an effective daily cleaning. The required contact time between the disinfectant and the surface is at least 5 minutes, after which one may proceed to the removal of eventual residue using water for injections.

Klercide-CR Biocide B: broad-spectrum bactericide, fungicide, viricide and sporicide action biocide. Klercide-CR Biocide B is a mix of stabilized chlorine dioxide and quaternary ammonium compounds. It is advised for bimonthly cleaning directed at elimination of eventually present spores. The required contact time between the disinfectant and the surface is at least 60 minutes, after which one may proceed with the removal of eventual residue using water for injections.

Kleralcohol IPA: it is an isopropyl alcohol solution diluted at 70% v/v in deionized water. It is advised for a quick sanitation of the material to insert under the hood without leaving residues. The product may also be used to sanitised gloved hands before any aseptic laboratory procedure.

Each bottle is packed in a double packaging in ISO 7 classified environments. The bottles have a dispensing system that minimises waste and preserves microbiological quality for the entire shelf life.

The operational modes to adopt during disinfection must be carried out according to the indications within the operative ward procedure approved by the responsible parties. The Klercide-CR Biocide A and Klercide-CR Biocide B products have undergone microbiological tests in order to guarantee their efficacy on a broad spectrum of micro-organisms applied to PVC, stainless steel, melamine laminate, acrylic glass and glass surfaces. 1MP is available to verify the efficacy of said products on materials different from the ones indicated.

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