Elena: Shielded Laminar-Flow Isolator for Nuclear Medicine

Warning! Starting February 2013 Elena is no loger available.
It has been repalced with ELENA 2 »

ELENA is a shielded negative-pressure laminar-flow isolator for manipulating and calibrating beta/gamma emitting radio-pharmaceuticals.

It is made up of a class-A PVC vinyl plastic handling box (air-tight ISO 10648-2 class 2), external lead shielding and class B prechambers for the insertion and extraction of the materials.

Elena shielded isolator

The cell’s support structure is made from carbon profiles and sheet metal, with Scotch-Brite surface finishing of differentiated thickness.

The upper box is realised by gluing together flat slabs of 20 mm thick, white, non-toxic PVC, which have been pre-cut using laser technology.

The corners are formed using 45° profiles with 20 x 20 mm sides, in order to ensure complete cleaning and decontaminability.

HMI Touch Panel

The cell is equipped with a touch screen panel (HMI): it provides greater cleanability, ease of use and ergonomics.

Shielded frontal door

The frontal door can be opened completely and is equipped with rectangular openings for hand access.

The door is equipped with a shielded glass window for a complete view of the inside.

Air-tight front panel

The air tightness of the box is ensured by a 20 mm thick removable methacrylate panel, equipped with inflatable perimeter seals.

The sealing panel is equipped with two flanges with gloves; the oval shape of the flanges allows for the horizontal movement of the operator’s arms through the hand access holes.

Working zone

In order to optimise the radiopharmaceutical preparation operations, the isolator is divided into two sections: an upper handling section and a lower section.

The upper zone communicates with the lower zone by means of hatches on the working surface, which are equipped with airtight closure systems.


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