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Main difference between a “dust control system” and a “containment isolator” is the System behaviour during an Emergency Situation.

A “dust control system” is used to limit the pollution during some manufacturing operations, for example empting bags or filling bags with powders.
These systems do not have any specific system behaviour during emergency situations, for example during an energy or compressed air loss, or if a glove is removed, or if a window is brocken.

A “containment isolator” must have a specific system behaviour during emergency situation. During the project a Risk Analisys must be performed and a solution for any emergency that can occour must be determined.

For example:

  • Emergency 1:
    • Loss of the compressed air used to pressurize the pneumatic gaskets.
      • Solution 1: gaskets must be equipped with a Non Return Valve, in order to remain inflated also in absence of the compressed air
  • Emergency 2:
    • A glove is accidentally removed
      • Solution 2: the control system must automatically increase the extraction fans speed, in order to mantain, in the glove flange area, an inward air flow with a minimum speed of 0.5m/s. To avoid any loss of contaminant.
  • Emergency 3:
    • Loss of power supply
      • Solution 3a: the system is supplied via UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
      • Solution 3b: main valves are mechanically positioned (spring actuated) on a well defined position, in order to grant the containment level of the whole system (Safety First!)

Isolator makes the difference when things go wrong!!

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