IBC RP & IBC GMP Radiopharmacy Management Software

The IBC Radiopharmacy management software is a complete client/server system for a cyclotron facility, central radiopharmacy and academic hospital.

Используется в Циклотрон Для Управление лабораторией Контроль качества


IBC RP is the right software for radiopharmacies that do not need to completely meet the cGMP standards, while still allowing the user to follow the entire production workflow, storage and waste management, in addition to orders and shipments management.

The optional IBC Patient Extension is also available for IBC RP if a nuclear medicine department is present.



IBC GMP supports you in meeting the cGMP regulations during your daily routine related to inventory management, material handling, preparation, batch production, quality control and delivery of PET tracers and other radiopharmaceuticals.

Due to the high level of integrated automation to standardise the processes in one software, you can finally get rid of all the different electronic tools required to record and link all data required to meet the cGMP compliance.

IBC GMP provides a single point of data entry, resulting in complete traceability from raw materials to release and delivery of manufactured multi or mono dose radiopharmaceuticals, reduction of data entry overhead and related errors, improved product quality and patient safety.

If a nuclear medicine department is also present, the IBC GMP software can be extended with patient-related modules like injected dose registration and an HL7 or DICOM MWL link with a RIS/PACS system in order to share the patient examination planning of the facility.

Features IBC GMP Radiopharmacy Management System:

  • Regulatory compliance – GMP – title 21 CFR part 11
  • Workflow Management
  • Standard Operating Procedure management
  • Batch definition
  • Protocol management
  • Health physics
  • Device integration
  • Inventory management
  • Extended quality control and analysis
  • 2D and 1D barcode support
  • Order management
  • Personnel and training management
  • Integrated document repository
  • Approval and release with electronic signatures
  • Floating license support
  • Label module
  • On request: Enterprise module
  • On request: Web Ordering

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