Measurement & Monitoring Systems

Comecer Radioactivity Measurement Systems aim to guarantee full personnel safety and protection from radioactive emissions.
They serve to measure radioactivity of the radioisotopes, the hands, feet and clothes of operators, and the entire enviornment of radio-pharmacy,  Hostiptal PET department, PET Cyclotron Facility and Nuclear Medicine Hospital department.


Environmental Radiation Monitoring System

Циклотрон Применяемая радиоизотопная медицина Управление лабораторией
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Radioactive Waste Disposal Plant

Применяемая радиоизотопная медицина Хранение и транспортировка
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Hand-foot-clothing monitor

Циклотрон Применяемая радиоизотопная медицина Калибровка доз
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