MUSA 68Ga Экранированный изолятор для синтеза и дозирования галлия-68

Изолятор предназначен для оптимизации процессов обработки галлия-68 (синтез и дозирование), извлеченного из генератора 68Ga/68Ge.
Он также подходит для маркировки с помощью компактных модулей синтеза или для фракционирования различных радиоизотопов, включая бета-излучатели, такие как 177Lu и 90Y.

MUSA 68Ga представляет собой экранированный (50 мм Pb) изолятор ламинарного потока, подходящий для обработки бета-и гамма-излучающих радиофармацевтических препаратов в асептической среде в соответствии с нормами правильной радиофармацевтической практики при подготовке радиофармацевтических препаратов в ядерной медицине (простые и экстемпоральные препараты).

MUSA-68Ga - Shielded Isolator for Gallium-68 Synthesis and Dispensing

Product highlights

  • Modular design and flexible configuration
  • Designed to optimise the Gallium-68 processes (synthesis and dispensing)
  • Suitable for labelling different radioisotopes, including beta-emitters, such as 177Lu and 90Y
  • Designed for handling beta and gamma emitting radiopharmaceuticals in an aseptic environment
  • Dose calibrator (available in the versions 2 Ci or 20 Ci) with touch screen console
  • cGMP compliant

It is available in various models, which correspond to the following operating modes:

  • Fractioning of 18F or PET/SPECT emitters: The lower pre-chambers allow you to use the isolator for an aseptic fractioning process of a PET or SPECT radiopharmaceutical (compatible with the 50mm Pb shielding) loaded through a shielded container. The lower pre-chambers have been designed to allow access and automatic lifting on the work surface of the bulk container or the discharge of vials/syringes dispensed and arranged in shielded containers.
  • Synthesis and dispensing in main chamber (Class A LAF): Two sliding support surfaces allow you to install a compact module in the main chamber for the synthesis of 68Ga or 177Lu and 90Y, and a peristaltic pump dispenser that can fractionate the product in syringes and calibrate the active dose. In the case of beta-emitters, local plastic supports are set for vials and syringes to mitigate the activity resulting from this type of radiation. 68Ga generators are housed in a separate compartment isolated from the main chamber.

The series was designed to ensure the radiation protection of the operator and the maximum effectiveness of procedures for the decontamination and cleaning.
The machine is equipped with a dose calibrator and one or more airtight compartments, shielded and maintained in negative pressure. It is possible to equip the cell of a lateral  pharmaceutical prechamber(left).

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