Серия BMI — Скользящая защита для скамеек

12 Апрель 2018

Stainless steel sliding protection with lead shielding and shielded glass window. Frame Material INOX AISI 304 Scotch-BriteTM Stainless steel thickness […]

Серия PST — Вольфрамовый экран для шприца

12 Апрель 2018

Tungsten shield for syringes, equipped with an ergonomic notch in the central part in order to make the syringe handling […]

Mobile Bed Shield

Серия VLS — Мобильный экран для кровати

12 Апрель 2018

These bed shields are used to protect personnel from radiation during examination of a patient. The shields are made of […]

Серия BHT — Вольфрамовый экран для шприца

12 Апрель 2018

This is a compact syringe shield with a lead glass window and clamp lock. The lead glass is completely encapsulated […]

Серия LGH — Экран из свинцового стекла для шприцев

12 Апрель 2018

Syringe shields made of Hi-D lead glass with 360-degree visibility. The lead glass syringe shield has a lead equivalent of […]

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