Passive RABS Restricted Access Barrier System for critical area protection

The Passive RABS was realised within the revamping of a laboratory in order to obtain a higher grade of protection of the working area already fitted with a simple laminar flow surrounded by two portable straps.

Используется в Полный цикл производства Для Защитные системы ограниченного доступа и С-образные барьеры


  • Friendly operator interface (HMI)
  • High grade stainless steel AISI 316L internally and AISI 304 externally
  • Glove flanges (different size available) with gloves (different materials available)
  • Static gaskets with D profile, made from EPDM and FDA approved for sealing the doors in the closed position
  • Front panels made with antistatic, 10 mm thick panels in Lexan
  • Front grille installed in the lower part of each door in order to regulate the air flow through the laboratory
  • Each door is equipped with two 10” oval glove flanges and gloves in Hypalon
  • All stainless steel components TIG welded.

The implementation of this open RABS allowed a positive pressure level of 15 Pa to be reached, dramatically increasing aseptic condition of the critical area contained.

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