SSC Tungsten Syringe Shielded Container

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The SSC, Tungsten Syringe Shielded Container, is used in automatic systems for filling of syringes (model Althea and Theodorico).

The shield that holds the syringe is in three parts: a central block for the shielding of the syringe threaded at both ends; a forward stopper screwed on to allow access to the perforable syringe stopper; a posterior stopper screwed on to allow access to the syringe plunger.

The shield can be used as a transportation container for internal use, and if inserted into the specially designed optional shipping case is classified as Type A for the transportation of radioactive doses.

Используется в Циклотрон Применяемая радиоизотопная медицина Для Дополнительные принадлежности


Weight kg 4.5
External dimensions mm 50 x 196 (d x h)
Tungsten shielding mm 9.1 ÷ 17.8
Exercise temperature °C -40 ÷ +70
Maximum activity which can be transported* mCi 25
Max Dose ratio on the surface** mSv/h 17.2

* Based on the IAEA regulation for the type A containers, not exclusively transported (YELLOW-III label)
** Measured on the SSC surface with 25 mCi of activity inside.

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