Как работает обрабатывающая система твердотельных мишеней Alceo

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This video shows step-by-step procedures for the production of radioisotopes (64Cu, 89Zr, and  123I-124I) using the New ALCEO Solid Target Processing System.

Some of the features of the ALCEO System are:

  • Modular Design
  • Halogen System (for 123I and 124I)
  • Metal System (for 64Cu and 89Zr )
  • Bi-directional Pneumatic Target Transfer between cyclotron and hot cells
  • One Cyclotron port is required for both Systems
  • Irradiation Unit with Foil supported by Water-cooled Hexagonal Grid
  • Independent Water and Helium Cooling
  • System avoiding cyclotron contamination
  • Automatic labeling of 64Cu-ATSM, 89Zr-ANTIBODIES, and  123I/124I-MIBG (provided with Taddeo module)

If you have any questions regarding the New ALCEO fill in the form below.

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