Logging in

When DoseFx is launched a login screen is shown.

To use DoseFx logging in is required.

For the 14-day trial version use Admin as username and leave the password empty.

Patient screen

The patient screen is used to add, edit and delete patients.

It can also be used to select another patient by pressing the select patient button.

It is also the screen to enter the injected activity data and select the isotope that was injected

Regions of interest screen

The regions of interest screen is used to add regions of interest into the system for a selected patient.

Regions of interest are places where a radionuclide is injected.

This region can be an organ or a lesion. ROI’s (Regions Of Interest) are used as sources of radiation in the final calculation.

Acquisitions screen

The acquisitions screen is used to add acquisitions to the system. Acquisitions are moments in time where the number of counts in a region of interest are entered.

This data is then used to fit a curve to this data and calculate the number of disintegration’s of the isotope (the integral of the fitted curve).

To get to the acquisitions screen press the acquisitions screen button. Each acquisition time is displayed as the amount of hours relative to the first acquisition. Example: if the first acquisition is at 12 december 2016 at 15:00 and the second one is at 13 december 2016 at 14:00, the first header is 0 hours and the second one is 23 hours.


The integral is the same as the number of disintegration’s for the selected isotope.

To calculate this a curve is fitted using least squares exponential fitting with the formula: y(x)=AeBx

To see the graph of this for a specific region of interest click on the graph button at the end of the corresponding row. This will take you to the following screen: