Theodorico Robotic Dispenser for Syringes and Vials

THEODORICO is a machine which can carry out automatically the filling and calibration of syringes and/or vials with radiopharmaceuticals (typically FDG), through the direct connection with automatic production modules. It is available in three different configurations:

  • Theodorico/S: filling of 5ml syringes (BD Plastipack)
  • Theodorico/F: filling of 10ml vials (DIN/ISO20, D25,4x53mm)
  • Theodorico/FA: filling of 10ml vials followed by sterilization in autoclave.
Theodorico Robotic Dispensing System

The three versions can be distinguished by the typology of the components used for filling syringes or vials, while at the structural level the machine is identical; the version equipped with autoclave has a bigger width and weight. The dispensing area is shielded with Pb75 mm, which can be increased up to Pb100 mm.
The use of THEODORICO allows substantial dose savings for the operator and, at the same time, it provides a series of useful aids to organize the work, like the report of the split activities, the print of labels including the patient’s identification data, the activity of a syringe at a certain moment.

The filling and the calibration of syringes and/or vials, with the desired activity and quantity, is possible thanks to the dilution of the radiopharmaceutical with physiological solution, in case the quantity obtained is not sufficient for the administration of the dose. The result is a syringe closed with a perforable stopper, or a closed and crimped vial (according to the selected configuration). Depending on the selected configuration, the result is a syringe closed with a perforable stopper, or a closed and crimped vial, properly shielded since they are automatically positioned inside the related shielded boxes. In both cases there will be a calibrated dose with an adequate quantity.

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