Upgrade & Retrofit

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Comecer’s products are under a constant development cycle and from time to time important updates and upgrades are made available to our customers. Comecer products can also change because rules and regulations change.
Comecer’s upgrades can help ensure your facility runs at maximum performance with maximum safety.


Comecer retrofitting services can help with the addition of new features to older facilities where our systems are installed. Retrofitting can optimize existing components or adapt the facility for new or changed technologies.
Prior to any retrofitting activity Nuclear medicine departments, laboratories, and other facilities can also benefit from an on site visit from our technicians. The site visit results in full evaluation of the existing space, verification of electrical power availability, heating and air conditioning, shielding, and any other factors that need to be considered before proceeding. Comecer can call upon the resources of architects, engineers, and local contractors proficient in their trades, and regulatory agencies required during the course of any project.


  • Products always efficient and up-to-date
  • Streamlining the production cycle
  • Component upgrades with better availability on the market.

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