VCS Radio TLC Scanner and Gamma Spectrometer

The VCS-203 system is a hardware and software package for testing radiochemical purity with thin layer chromatography and for the execution of basic gamma spectrometry. The system is available in two configurations, for low energy or high energy isotopes analysis. For PET analysis (high energy) is available a module for the half-life measurement on a peak on the chromatography strip. This feature enables the determination of radiochemical purity and the confirmation of radionuclide identity in one automatic procedure. In the high energy configuration is also possible to perform the system suitability test, which uses a two-spot Cesium-137 test strip.

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A PC (running the VCS-203 software) controls the scanner unit, which scans the chromatography strip by moving it underneath the detector. Both the high and low energy collimator fit on the same machine.

The scanner can move the chromatogram strip at speeds ranging from 1 to 24 centimeters per minute. The scanner’s strip carrier can be removed for decontamination. Two standard strip carriers are provided with the scanner. Strip carriers can be customized (as optional), to accommodate specific strips.

In the integrative software module for PET-analysis a special strip carrier with a separate area for the half-life sample is provided. If the optional two-spot Cesium-137 system suitability test strip is purchased, a special strip carrier is included.

The collimator

Specific collimators are provided for VCS SPECT or PET Configuration.

The low-energy collimator is selected for SPECT isotopes and high-energy collimator is selected for PET isotopes. Together with the collimator, the appropriate strip carrier is supplied.

The height of the collimator holder can be manually adjusted to calibrate as needed the space between the holder and the strip carrier.

After installing the collimator, the detector can be assembled: NaI(Tl) detector for the SPECT configuration and BGO detector for the PET configuration.

The multi-channel analyser

The Multi-Channel Analyser is used to perform the data acquisition and analysis of the detector signal with a resolution of 1024 channels. The power supply and the high voltage needed to operate the detector are also generated by the MCA. The high voltage can be set under software control. The MCA can be used in a single channel mode but can also function as a spectrometer.

The software package VCS-203

The software that comes with the system will run on any modern PC employing Windows (XP or 7) as its operating system. It controls the scanner and the MCA operations. The relevant parameters for the various functions can be set by the user (password protected). The data can be printed and stored/retrieved from a database. The resulting curves can be optimized using the graphical controls.

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