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Sparlke Radiopharmaceuticals Comecer Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence increases production capacity and responsiveness.

A case study of Comecer Radiopharma solutions


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SPARKLE Radiopharmaceuticals | Casarano (LE), Italy

Executive Summary

Sparke’s “Mission” is the research and development of radiopharmaceuticals to implement new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, to improve patient life expectancy and quality of life.

A leading multinational pharmaceutical producer has chosen Sparkle to manufacture and supply hospitals in southern Italy with fluoroproline and fluorodopa.


In the past, considerable time was spent on scheduling machines maintenance. With Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence we are able to focus on production and R&D, increasing product quality and reducing machine downtime machine and costs.

Sparkle’s customer, after relying on Comecer to set up his three radiopharmaceutical production laboratories, entrusted Comecer with the entire supply of shielded cells, synthesis modules, and automatic and semi-automatic dispensing modules.

He was looking for a system that would help him manage, monitor, and improve the performance and maintenance of the machines inside his three laboratories. Thanks to Comecer’s comprehensive offering of machines integrated with the Illuminate manufacturing intelligence system, Sparkle and Comecer addressed the challenge together.

Comecer Approach

After the Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence demo, the SPARKLE Radiopharmaceuticals team realized that this was the technology for them.

A reliable product that is installed plug and play, and easily configurable allows to have machine and process control through integrated cameras.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plan

With Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence the machine downtime has been reduced by increasing production capacity and responsiveness to our patients waiting for radiopharmaceuticals.

Short Customer quote

For us, safety is paramount and indispensable. Our radiopharmaceuticals are injectable products that must be sterile, and therefore the highest degree of air purity must be guaranteed in our production lines and any kind of microbiological contamination during the manufacturing process must be avoided. If unexpected malfunctions were to occur on the line, we would be forced to perform special maintenance or stop production, meaning that many patients would have to forego examinations.
IlluminateTM prevents this from happening by monitoring machine performance anytime, anywhere.
IlluminateTM tracks all data and makes it available in real time and in doing so improves the efficiency and durability of equipment.
With benefits also for maintenance costs. Since Illuminate® has been in place, we have been able to have complete control over processes and therefore over product quality. And when you can tell that a problem is about to occur, the problem can cease to exist.
We can move from preventive to predictive maintenance and that’s what we needed.

Leopoldo de Carlo, SPARKLE Radiopharmaceuticals plant and production manager.

地点: Casarano

类别: Radiopharma

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