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Voxel S.A. Comecer hot cells and radiopharma equipment helps Voxel efficiency

A case study of Comecer Radiopharma solutions

VOXEL - Comecer case study

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Voxel S.A. | Kraków, Poland

Customer Challenge

Voxel’s challenge is to maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of their radiation therapy and diagnostic services despite the relatively small team size and large scope of operations. With a diverse range of equipment and technologies, including cyclotrons, dual hot cells, and Alceo systems, Voxel constantly seeks innovative solutions to ensure operator safety, product protection, and regulatory compliance as it continues to grow and expand in the radiation therapy and nuclear medicine market.

Comecer Products

  1. Double hot cells (BBS Series: BBS vertical and horizontal BBS 3 for radiometals)
  2. Hot cell MIP, Althea and Eliza
  3. VLB – Radiomonitoring equipment
  4. Bunker doors
  5. N. 3 machines of Theodorico 2
  6. Speedy Glove – Automatic glove tester
  7. Alceo system (during the years they upgraded the system from version 1.0 to 3.0)
    • PTS for the target
    • Cooling system
    • EDS for dissolution and electroplating
    • Taddeo for purification

Comecer approach

Comecer’s approach to addressing Voxel’s challenges has been focused on offering innovative solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs. The following are the solutions provided by Comecer for Voxel:

  • Comecer introduced Speedy Glove, an automated and portable glove integrity tester, to improve operator safety and ensure product integrity during operations.
  • Improvements in fixture designs and sampling protocols: Comecer made essential changes in fixture designs and sampling protocols, focused on the Radiopharma and MIP LAF series of protected flow laminar products, to improve efficiency and regulatory compliance.
  • Installation of dedicated radiometallic dispensers: Comecer installed dedicated radiometallic dispensers at Voxel, recognizing the importance and growth potential of the radiometallic market and providing Voxel with the resources to address this opportunity.
  • Provision of Theodorico equipment: Comecer provided Theodorico equipment, with its advanced capabilities, to support ongoing projects at Voxel, demonstrating commitment to meeting specific customer needs.

地点: Krakow

类别: Radiopharma

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