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Smart Radiopharmaceutical Dispensing System

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TALIA shielded isolator containing two ARGO vial dispensers is the right solution for a smart radiopharmaceutical dispensing system.

  • Back to back production system
  • Dispensing with a backup system
  • Twin dispensers for a single validated batch production workflow

Smart Dispensing System - Talia with double Argo

Are you looking for a back-to-back production system to handle two different production processes in parallel? Are you looking for a simple manual production system, less expensive than a robotic one?

A TALIA shielded isolator containing two ARGO vial dispensers is a combination that will handle two distinct production processes without interruption, saving time and decreasing operator exposure to radioactivity.   This configuration is particularly suited to production centers that prefer a non-robotic system.

Do you want the assurance of never stopping production? Do you want to optimize production times?

Having a backup of the dispensing system inside a single shielded isolator will avoid interruptions in radiopharmaceutical production.
A backup system provides continuity in case of accidental vial or capillary breakage, or in case of dispenser failure (for example, in electronic circuitry).  No need to wait for service times, repair times or restart times. Production can continue in the second module. With a single dispenser, on the other hand, the radiopharmacy would be unable to produce the required doses, and patients would not receive treatment.
Furthermore, the most common radiopharmaceuticals halve their activity in a short time. The backup unit avoids production interruptions, so as not to compromise the effectiveness of the drug and eliminate waste.

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