TYPE-A SERIES “Type A” external case for radiopharmaceuticals transport


A special type A case is provided for transporting radioactive materials where said materials are placed inside the shielded containers.

The TYPE-A SERIES is made of polyethylene (plastic material ensuring resistance and lightness at the same time). It is equipped with an airtight closure with perimeter gaskets, reinforced corners, safety lockups, handle for easy transport and an internal pressure compensation valve for airfreight.  The internal case part is coated with a material apt to absorb impacts.

用于 核医学 放射性药物生产 针对 附件

The whole of the following containers:

  • Polyethylene outer case
  • Shielded container
  • Internal vial or syringe (refer to the specifications of the container for the types of vial or syringes supported)

has been projected according to transport requirements (even air transport ones) for “TYPE A” cases for liquids. Also, the set of containers was subject to the tests provided by “IAEA regulations for the transport of radioactive materials” with positive results.

Brand PELI
External material Polyethylene
External dimensions mm 300 x 300 x 400 (w x d x h)
Case weight kg 3.9
Total Weight (Case + CF18-T) kg 17.9
Total Weight (Case + CF18-PB) kg 21.9
Total weight (Case + SSC (3 units)) kg 17.4
Total weight (Case + SXC (3 units)) kg 19.5


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