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Performance Monitoring and Health Management

Performance Monitoring & Health Management
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Gain the insight to improve

They say knowing is half the battle. With Performance Monitoring & Health Management, that battle is made easy, so you can focus on improvement. You’ll get detailed system data, helping you identify opportunities for improvement and catch faults before they happen.

With expert insights and analysis from Comecer staff, you can know when it’s time to perform preventive maintenance, upgrade your system, or enhance your training. Plus, you can monitor the effectiveness of your actions after implementation.

Performance Monitoring & Health Management services include:

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Data Analytics and Recommendations

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Our performance monitoring and reporting service implements a data acquisition tool – like Comecer Toolkit – to help you improve your system’s productivity. With detailed information and reporting, you can make the most-informed decisions about maintenance, scheduling, staffing, and machine improvements:

  • Access process and OEE information on one platform
  • Alert staff to faults or other events occurring in real-time
  • Track impact of preventive maintenance
  • Get live data for immediate status and reporting
  • Search, sort, and compare data on faults and other events
  • Automatically send regular reports to stakeholders
  • Configure reports with graphs and tables to support decision making on continuous improvement

Remote Connectivity

Receive regular reports and recommendations for your system. You don’t have to do anything – we’ll track your system data and share our insights. By allowing Comecer personnel to securely and remotely access your system, you’ll save time and ensure we have the most accurate and timely data possible.

There is no need for special IT configurations, no fixed IP addresses, and no need to open ports in your firewall. Our solution is equipped with strong end-to-end encryption, three-factor security, hard-coded event audit trails, and many more security features. You can even control remote access to your equipment with a mechanical lock wired to digital I/O ports. It’s a safe and convenient way to monitor your production system.

Remote Support services are also enabled by remote connectivity. This service can be complementary to Performance Monitoring & Health Management, and is described in a separate datasheet.

Data Analytics and Recommendations

Know you are targeting the right improvements, with help from Comecer experts. As your original system manufacturer, we know every nut and bolt of your machine, including their ideal data patterns. We’ll filter, sort and reconfigure your system data to give you the most accurate picture of performance. You’ll receive regular reports with detailed findings and recommendations customized to your needs and goals.

Turn knowledge into action

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and use Comecer services to improve your overall system performance. When you combine Performance Monitoring & Health Management with other services, our experts have the best data to customize the following services to your needs:

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance
  • System Upgrade & Retrofit
  • Spares Management

Performance Monitoring & Health Management - Customer Benefits

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