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Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is a production management system for both single isolators and complex production lines. Illuminate provides critical information on the essential processes of production activity in pharmaceutical and radiopharma laboratories, nuclear medicine plants and ATMP research centers.

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Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is a device-agnostic Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Production solution that uses real-time machine performance data to pinpoint where to focus efforts to reduce downtime, maximize line throughput, improve product quality, and make sustainable production improvements.

Illuminate is developed by machine builders for machine operators, with continual improvements driven by feedback from production data and subject matter experts and technicians.

Embedded in ATS’ global services network spanning 20 manufacturing facilities and 50 offices, and drawing from 40+ years experience building machines, Illuminate currently runs on world-class life science, transportation, energy, and consumer product systems.

Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence
is now available for Comecer single
isolators and complex production lines.


4 Core Value Drivers

Illuminate delivers benefits to the entire production process in pharmaceutical and radiopharma laboratories, nuclear medicine plants and ATMP research centers.

Download the Brochure
Decrease Cost
Reduce downtime, diagnosis and repair time to improve profitability.
Maximize Throughput
Improve throughput to
increase revenue.
Improve Quality
Lower reject rates and decrease production waste resulting in more efficient production and more profitable operations.
Increase Uptime
Improve asset utilization leading to increased profitability.
Make more with less.

警告!本页内容仅提供以下语言版本: 英语

Monitor and optimize your production activity

Single pane of glass

Monitor operations anytime, anywhere, from our turnkey, integrated, and secure single-point platform. Your total production monitoring system.

Real-time OEE

Capture real-time OEE insight across lines, machines, and locations for top-down, bottom-up continuous improvement. Real-time view of the processing area.

Visual KPIs

At-a-glance insights with dynamic charts and graphs of key data and metrics.

Predictive maintenance

Improve equipment efficiency, yield, and lifespan while decreasing maintenance costs through predictive maintenance. Get advanced notice of performance degradations at a machine level to focus your maintenance efforts and prevent downtime. Reduce unnecessary maintenance tasks.

Faster response times

Real-time SMS or e-mail notifications and alerts for quicker corrective action.

Unified communications

Keep operational teams informed and engaged across shifts and locations.

Part traceability

Track dosages and batches for production reporting and corporate accountability measures for quality and compliance.

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