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WIS Wireless Injection System

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Warning! Starting January 2014 the Automatic Injector for PET Imaging model Elfo is no longer available.
It has been repalced with LETHO Automatic Compact Injector »

WIS, or Wireless Injection System, is an electronic system for the injection of radiopharmaceuticals with wireless control through a software monitoring system. The system is provided with a peristaltic pump able to supply the necessary fluid quantity, according to a previously set dispensing program. The system is conceived to avoid any contact between the pumping/control system and the fluid or medicine to be injected.

wireless injection system


The WIS (Wireless Injection System) project was conceived with the purpose to find alternative solutions to the current way of working, to minimise ionizing radiation exposure of personnel operating in PET centres. , Because of the high costs of realization and management of these centres, this project was realised considering the necessity to optimize all resources involved.

Several strategies have been adopted to reach this aim. First, the use of a syringe container made in tungsten (non-toxic material, with high density and high atomic number) builds up a really efficient shield for gamma radiation at 511 keV. Second, the operator is kept away from the radiation source through the introduction of an automatic system with a wireless remote control option. Furthermore, its dimensions and weight are small, allowing for simple handling and moving. Finally, thanks to the use of lithium batteries, the power supply is kept independent from the main network.


The purpose of this system is to administer the radiotracer for Pet diagnostic or therapy automatically, reducing considerably the exposure of medical personnel that give the injections. It must be used exclusively for intravenous injections of radiotracers used in PET (Positron Emission Tomography).diagnostics. It can also be used with all patients who need a bolus injection. The doctor is fully responsible for choosing the proper dose and injection speed, according to the patient’s need ( i.e. children, elder people and patients having specific clinical conditions).

The system must be used exclusively in environments that allow the use of radioisotopes and the execution of PET diagnosis, and only by skilled medical and authorised personnel.

The operator’s surveillance is compulsory during the bolus injection.

WIS is compatible with the Althea PC fractionator and dispenser


  • Dispensing group;
  • Shielded container for syringe;
  • Daily Kit;
  • Disposable Kit;
  • 10ml Syringe Kit;
  • Remote control panel;
  • Lithium batteries;
  • Rolling feeding cable

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