Business Culture

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Our business culture – due to the presence of highly capable individuals who have successfully faced challenges with a longterm vision, has been crucial for the company’s success.
Today Comecer Group can boast a consolidated position of  “radiochemical specialist”, both on a national and international level.
The remarkable business development is due to a large extent to the application of constant products evolution, joined to the continuous research of technological advanced solutions able to satisfy the customer’s most sophisticated requirements.

Our products are installed in the most important Research Institutes, Universities and Hospitals worldwide, where thousands of doctors and researchers appreciate their functionality, safety and efficacy.

All production processes and products are entirely realised by Comecer Group. Analysis, study, elaboration of projects on the one side; creation and installation of mechanical and electrical parts and software on the other one. Everything carried out by an entirely in-house organization.

The control is total on all phases: design, manufacturing, testing delivery and installation.

The following departments are engaged in the constant technological development regarding the applications for radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, isolation technology and decommissioning: Research and Development, Technical Office, Production with the Assembly and Steel Structural Work Department, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and the Sales Department