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SNMMI 2016 – Comecer Highlights

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SNMMI 2016 Highlights

As another edition of the SNMMI event closed last week, we asked Comecer staff present at the booth what were the top attractions for visitors. If you could not participate, you may find this summary useful as you evaluate products for your establishment.

IRIS – Automated Multidose Fractioning Injection System

IRIS was the star of our booth. We launched this automated multidose fractioning injection system in October 2015 and this was the first time we showed it to the large SNMMI audience.


What did visitors like about it?

One characteristic stood out among them all: IRIS is the only injection system that supports multiple isotopes (for example F18, Tc-99m, Ga-68 and Ra-223) and not just FDG, as is the case with other injectors. Technicians and radiology administrators from hospitals that do not have cyclotrons appreciated this flexibility.

To read about the many other IRIS characteristics, go to the IRIS radiopharmaceutical injector product page.

ALCEO – Solid Target Processing System

Our system for the production of radioisotopes is UNIQUE on the market. This solid target processing system produces 64Cu, 89Zr, 124I, 123I radioisotopes in safety conditions and in a fully automated way. We appreciated the positive feedback received from many current customers visiting our booth.


To find out more, go to the ALCEO Solid Target Processing System product page. You might also want to read about a new research study on the simulation of solid target performance, recently published in the European Journal of Medical Physics. There is still time to get a free pdf of the scientific article.

Radiopharmaceuticals Dispensing Systems (Vials and/or Syringes)

Radiopharmaceuticals Dispensing Systems

Another key attraction in our booth was the wall of dispensing systems, featuring Timo-2, Febo, Argo and Clio. Visitors wanted to understand the key differences between the four systems. Here is a table that summarizes them:

Integrated ionizing chamber No Yes No No
Dispensing to open vials No No Yes Yes
Dispensing to closed vials No No No Yes
Dispensing to syringes Yes Yes No Yes
Dispensing to Letho cartridges Yes Yes No Yes
Dispensing method Dose calibrator feedback Volumetric with dose calibrator feedback Volumetric Volumetric
Dimensions 184 x 205 x 478
(w x d x h)
260 x 277.5 x 500
(w x d x h)
320 x 186 x 501
(w x d x h)
417 x 600
(Ø x h)

Click on the dispenser name to access the product page for further information.

Overall, SNMMI remains the top event in North America for the industry, and we thank the professionals who visited our booth and shared their experiences, needs and feedback.

If you have questions on these products that are not answered on our website, please get in touch with us by filling out the form below.

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